Seven Reasons Why Clay Is Common In USA

Clay is used in and to manufacture most of the applications that are being utilized by most of the people in the United States of America. These appliances are also used by different peoples of different countries. Almost every person on this planet had utilized some of the things which will be made of polymer clay or being used in the manufacturing process.

Clay is very much useful in multiple fields of life. It can be used as the medication of some patients, the treatment of skin diseases, to enhance your beauty factor, sculpture manufacturing, different home appliances, and decoration pieces. Well some of the uses of clay that makes it much common in the USA are as follows:


Minerals that found in clay soil being used in folk medication to cure the disturbing stomach and to prevent wound infections. In a study published in 2008, it was declared that the minerals of clay are rich in iron so that it can be useful to fight the anti-biotic resistant strains of Bacillus bacteria. It also stated that the minerals found in clay have some antibiotic properties that are able to create an inexpensive means of fighting infections in human.

2. Use in Oral Health

Clay is also very effective for oral health. Some of the homemade recipes such as toothpaste powder had an effective impact to cure some oral diseases. You just have to take half a tablespoon of clay, mix it in ¼ cup of water and apply it over the infected place. It will make you mouth disease free if you use it in a regular way.

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3. Make your skin Smooth

Clay is also very useful in some of the skin diseases. If you are suffering from dry skin or crack in your body skin, then take a bath in clay. Fill the tub with water and mix 2 cups of clay in it. Completely soak yourself in the mixture. After 2 to 3 minutes, come out of the tub. Your skin will become smooth and supple.

4.Clay Mask

Clay mask is commonly used by most of the beauticians. It helps to reduce the effects of irritating skin, burns, cuts and bug bites on your face.

5.Hair Care

Clay is also very effective in hair care treatment. The bentonite clay makes the hair softer and shinier. You can use a clay mask to cover the hair and wash your hair with the mixture containing clay. Keep in mind that it can slightly darken your hair color temporarily.

6.Decorating Process

Clay can also be used for decoration purpose. There are different decoration pieces that are made of clay like clay pigeons, clay vase, clay planters, clay lamp etc. It looks great when there is placed a colorful decoration piece in your room composed of different architectural structures.

7.Used in Fashion

Clay material is used in fashion things. There also clay jewelry available in the market which offers an amazing style to the person due to its unique shapes and structures.

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Well, all these factors had made the clay the common material to be used in USA. People use the clay products and utilize it in their different curing mechanisms.

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