Ten Beautiful Reasons We Can't Help but Fall in Love with Perler Beads

Perler Beads are one of the famous things which are loved by kids and mommies because of various reasons. In case, you don’t know about them, here is something which will make you fall in love with them. Perler beads are also known as the Hama beads and melty beads in Japan. These strange things - Perler beads -  are made of plastic and are small in size. You use Perler beads ideas to create designs on the pegboard. After this, they are melted using wax paper or iron. As they get cold, you get a robust design of the plastic. 

Following are some reasons which can make you fall in love with the Perler beads:

Pixel Art

Students play with the pixel art nowadays. As these beads are made to create designs on the grid, they form fantastic pixel art.They work excellent if you want to make your favorite cartoon character. 

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Decoration purposes

Most ladies use these plastic beads for decoration purposes. They are put in the crystal bowls and used as the decoration pieces.Colorful dots are placed in the water pots which look spectacular. Sometimes they are also used to make wind chimes which make mesmerizing sounds when wind strikes. 

Cosmetic accessories

The small size Perler beads can be used in making various cosmetic accessories for young girls. They can be used with the hairpins. You can also clip the Perler beads patterns in hair bands. 

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Color recognition

If the toddler is made to play with the colorful Perler beads,color let them know the difference between various colors. In this way, they also get an ability to recognize different tones. 


Using Perler beads,you can make your kids learn the counting and have fun at the same time.

Gender Neutral

People usually assume that the crafts and art activities are only for the girls. But that’s not true. There are toughest school boys who have amazingly artistic minds. And when it comes to perler beads, everyone has equal right to have fun with them. 

Activities for ADHD kids

The events with Perler beads for kids give them a chance to deal with their health issues too. Therapists use these beads for ADHD kids as a fun activity. This helps them control their impulsiveness while building their focus. 

Visual perceptual skills

The perler bead activities help kids in improving their visual memory and visual discrimination abilities. 

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Cognitive skills 

You can also improve your cognitive skills with Perler beads.Guess the colors each time you make the patterns. Test your memory with the different modes of Perler beads. 

Social skills

Kids learn the social skills such as sharing and cooperating when they play with perler beads together. They also come with a lot of innovative ideas when they play as a team. 

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