Seven Ways to Learn Halloween Costume Effectively

You will surely want to spend Halloween with your friends and family. So, have you planned your costume with them? 

There are great options which you can use. Make your photos look amazing with the best Halloween costumes. 

Check out some of the most beautiful Halloween costume ideas. 

Three Blind Mice Costume

Everybody knows the famous English rhyme of Three Blind Mice. But, do you know that you can make a favorite costume for Halloween for three using this idea? This will be a hit if you make the dress out of it. 

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Jane and Daria

Go for the animations. Technically, Jane and Daria are the animated characters but why not make them come to life? These are simple costume but full of fun. These characters carry an annoyed expression which is a bonus. 

Yoko Ono and John Lennon

Want to learn a Halloween costume which is both creative and sexy?  Go for this iconic couple dress. Here is a bonus: you can use the items from your home’s closets for creating this costume easily. 

Death Becomes Her

The ensemble of Evan Booth for the Halloween 2016 was remarkable and a trendsetter. It was made using a camera placed in the back of his shirt. This camera recorded the back scene which is fed into a DVD player. In 2008, an artist named Nicole Magne used the same idea in his movie Death Becomes Her. In the movie, Goldie Hawn made the blown hole in her body. Make your Halloween horror nights deadly with such a costume. 

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If you want to have a fantastic Halloween costume, get some ideas from Shawn Thorsson. He always wears the best Halloween costumes. He made a plan of making themed Halloween costumes. For Halloween of 2008, he used the theme of halo. But, he got deployed to the Afghanistan same year. Though, he completed his project next year. Thorsson invented an armor by using the visualizations of a video game named, World of Halo. He painted this armor in various colors. You can use this costume with your friends by coloring them in red or blue series. Get the info online about the procedure of making this costume. 

Helmet Cat

One of the users of Flickr named Alida Saxon used the Helmet Cat as a Halloween costume. The helmet was a basketball which is given green paint. He used the stuffed toys for the fur. This made it one of the scary Halloween costumes.

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Death Star

Anditron comes with a fantastic Halloween costume each year. However, when she got pregnant, she needed to do something about her belly bump. She didn’t want to be very traditional. Thus, she came up with the costume of the death star. Or instead, she had a bump as a death star. She also attached wing fighters of small size with it. Rest of the dress was black. The helmet was entirely incidental but looked well.   

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