Five Secrets about Halloween only a Handful of People Know

Halloween is one of the spookiest time of the whole year – and all the scariest thoughts can come to your mind.

Each of the countries has its own Halloween traditions. Some are bizarre, and few are entirely secreted.

So, be prepared to get chills with the following secrets and tales of Halloween.

If someone bites a Halloween cake and get a thimble, he will not look in his love.

There is a Halloween tradition of baking the cake in colonial America. Bakers hide different items in this maker and tell about the future.

There is a tradition in America that they back cake on Halloween. Someone who found thumbnail in their cake has evil in their love life.

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There is a Punkie Night in Hinton St George – a bizarre Halloween tradition.

A village named Hinton St George has a creepy Halloween celebration of punkie night. According to the history, this tradition includes the marching of kids along with the punkies. These kids beg for the money and candles while threatening that if you won’t, you will have coughed up. By now, it has been named as trick or treats.

Well, one thing which makes it additionally sinister is that the kids also have a Punkie king and queen with them. The crowd comes along while singing a song.

The mask of Michael Myers' in the Halloween movie was William Shatner’s face.

The film named Halloween got a quite low budget. The producer of the film had to make the dress of a serial killer named Michael Myers. So, he used a cheap mask which he found at a local dress shop. But it turned out that the costume was the William Shatner’s face, which cost around $52.

The film team modified it. Used white spray paint while making it a bit terrifying. Later on, it became as one of the iconic pictures of the horror cinema.

This second mask made the profit of $70 million in the box office worldwide which is 200 times more than the budget of the movie. This made the film the highly profitable one, beating the record of Miss Congeniality and Star Trek II.

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Jack lanterns are made of turnips originally

There is a tradition of making scary faces in England using vegetables. The idea of making jack lantern went to the US along with the Irish immigrants. Here, people started to use pumpkins because they cost less than the turnips.

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Hide your knives, if you plan to celebrate in Germany

Here is another tradition of Halloween which is quite weird other than wearing scary Halloween costumes. In Germany, people hide their knives on the day of Halloween. They fear from returning of the spirits during Halloween horror nights and injuring them with the blades that are left out.

You may be thinking that spirits which are already dead, what damage can they cause with the knives? But, as it is about the Halloween, you may have to accept the idea of dead walking on the earth…

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