The 10 Secrets That You Shouldn't Know About Hand Woven Tapestry

Homeowners like to have a perfect Hand Woven Tapestry on their wall. There are various masterpieces available in the industry that can merge perfectly with the interior of their home. Some people will spend days and even months in the selection of a perfect tapestry because they want the best for their house. However, there are some unique secrets about the tapestry that you wished you have never known. 

Hidden message 

You will be surprised to know that there are some ancient tapestries available that have some hidden messages. You will never be able to understand the hidden language. 

Sheetrock walls can damage tapestry

Once you have learned how to hang a tapestry, assure that you are not hanging it against a sheetrock wall. The lime in the wall will damage the material of the tapestry. You should use brackets to keep tapestry 1 to 2 inches away from wall. 

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Sun is the biggest enemy 

The tapestry wall should not be facing the sun. direct sunlight will not only damage the colors of the tapestry but also it will damage the material. Assure that you protect your tapestry from sun. 

It can be ancient 

The macramé wall hanging you have proudly hung on your wall might be an ancient tapestry that was hung on the walls of a castle. You will never know about the truth of your tapestry. 

Make your interior look artistic

With the help of tapestry, you can make your interior look artistic. It the first thing that everyone will notice when they enter your house. The unique shades and shapes in the hanging are appealing. 

Unique materials 

There are different types of unique material used in the macramé wall hanging. From the fabric to the paint used on the tapestry, everything is different from the regular items that we often use to create different artistic projects. 

These are hard to find 

If you are looking for an ancient tapestry that is original and not copied you should know that they are really hard to find. Most of them are in museums and the others left are very expensive. 

The amazing stories 

Your tapestry wall can show you many amazing stories. If you will have a close look you will notice that all the characters have their own unique story to tell that can be hard for you to understand. 

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Authentic guides

There are many tapestries that are not only a decoration piece but also a complete guide for constructing something. As well as it can be a map that could lead to you to treasure.  

Different purposes of tapestry

You will be surprised to know that since the beginning tapestries have been used for different purposes like conveying messages, recording guides, hidden maps and much more. 

Make sure that you select the best quality hand-woven tapestry for your interior. You can select the style that you like the most.  

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