Seven Awesome Color Pencil Techniques

Color pencils are a fun and a versatile media. They not only give a great fine detail and give you a great degree of control. Sometimes it requires a lot of patience to produce cool pencil drawings, but as it is said, it depends on your own approach.

When used with the right techniques, any one – from a 6-year old to one who is 70-years old – can use color pencils to create stunning art pieces.

Awesome Color Pencil Techniques:

Following are the seven awesome tips that you can use to create masterpieces:

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In this technique, you use colors of your choice to build up light layers using any mark making technique until all paper is covered, and the paper surface appears smooth and waxy.


Scraping helps in producing high quality smooth art pieces. Use a burnished surface or a X-ACTO knife to scrap away areas where you see more pigmentation.

This technique is special useful when you need to capture fine details, for instance individual hair. You can also use this technique to remove color if you want to re-work on an area.

Directional Lines:

Directional lines play an important role in defining the details of an object. To add complexity and depth, add various layers of colors according to your requirement.

This technique is excellent for any object with a linear quality like draped fabric, hair, and grass. This technique is also useful in simple hand drawing.


To make your hand drawn pictures more attractive, move your pencil in circular marks, making color layers as you go. This is a versatile technique which you can use to create smooth and distinct and make blended areas.

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To use this technique, lay down a layer of directional lines, then go over the same area with lines the opposite in direction. In this way, you can add a little deep texture to your creation.

However, while using pencil colors, if you want depth in the image, use at least one layer of the same color. You can then blend different colors to produce a create new colors.

Use of Rubbing Alcohol or Baby Oil:

Use rubbing alcohol or baby oil to rub over those areas, where you want to blend colors. Add a little amount of blender on a cotton ball and rub on the surface. However, to produce the best results, add only a small amount of blender on the cotton.

Watercolor Wash:

While working with pencils, tape your paper to a work surface to prevent its curling. Use light watercolor wash to cover big areas of the paper. Once the water color is dried, use your color pencil to cover the background for get best results in limited time.

These easy drawing techniques with pencil colors will help you produce some cool pencil drawings. If you want to learn more about different techniques, you can use one of the many online resources.

You can also look for video tutorials online, in which people tell various techniques by practicing them. Remember, whatever technique you learn, you need to practice them before mastering.

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