Uses of Epoxy Resins You Did Not Know About

Epoxy glue has come a long way from its traditional uses. When epoxy resins were newly introduced most individuals did not even know about the product because it was not used in any special items. However, with the passage of time people understood the amazing properties of epoxy UV resin. That is why epoxy resins are not widely used as the binder for countertop and coating on the floors because it helps to enhance the longevity of the products. However, there are some unique uses of epoxy resin that you did not know about.

Make jewelry

Every girl wants to have the have beat quality jewelry items. However, most products available on the market are expensive. There is no need to invest in the expensive low-quality jewelry when you can make some unique jewelry items at home. With the help of homemade resin recipe, you can easily prepare any type of jewelry item that you want. Epoxy resin is commonly used in the product of

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Unique buttons

You might have come across jewelry items prepared at home using the epoxy resins, but have you ever heard about the DIY buttons. Using the right DIY resin molds, you can easily make the buttons using epoxy resins that you need. There are many interesting resin DIY projects available online that you can use for production of buttons. You can change the color of the resin or make it look more attractive by adding a few stones, beads or dried leaves into the resin material. You can use these buttons on your dresses or an epoxy resin art project that you have been working on.

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Door handles

Another surprising epoxy resin art project is the door handles. You might be wondering that how you can make the door handles with the resins. All you need is the right shape and size of mold that can be used for making the handle. Add the required amount of resin and let it dry. Once it has properly dried and acquired the required shape you can easily attach the handle to the cupboard or drawers and even doors. Everyone will be surprised to see the unique handles that you have. The best part is that such handles are not easily available in the market.

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If you are planning to work on any of the epoxy resin projects, you can easily find the resin at the hardware store. There are no restrictions related to the quantity that you can purchase. It is better that you get the food safe epoxy resin, especially if you have kids. They might try to chew the items you have made with resins and chemicals on the resin might lead to negative reactions. You can get creative with the epoxy resin art projects. You will surely enjoy working on the project because even if you go wrong, the end result will be something interesting.

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