Things you need to know about woven and non-woven fabrics

When the word fabric comes to mind we can think only two things flexible and soft piece of cloth. Most of the people think that cotton, wool, denim and all such materials are referred has fabric. However, they do not know that there is a clear classification of fabric that we should understand. There are two types of fabrics available in the market known as

1. Woven fabric

2. Non-woven fabric

Both the materials have their own unique properties due to which they are used in different tasks. Here we have the complete comparison of fabrics that will help you understand the difference between woven and non-woven.

Woven VS Non-Woven

The process in which fibers are weaved together to form a strong and cohesive material has been used for ages. We have been using such fabrics in weaving baskets and looming. The process of weaving has been the part of the culture in many different areas around the world. In the woven fabrics, the yarn or threads are arranged in a perpendicular pattern to one another. There is a pattern called wrap and weft that is used to attach the threads together. It helps in the creation of fabric. 

On the other hand, there are some fabrics that are not woven at all. There are no interwoven strands that you will find in the fabric but there is a unique and strong internal structure. In order to make the non-woven cloth a special process is used in which 

1. All the fibers and threads are placed together

2. To combine the threads into cohesive fabric material chemicals, heat or pressure is used

3. The best example of the non-woven cloth is felt. It is manufactured by submerging the fibers in a special solution.

They will be removed from the solution once they are interlocked to form a dense textile.

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The woven fabric has only a few uses. It is structurally sound and strong, that is why it is commonly used to make clothes. The items we wear are manufactured with the woven cloth. Apart from that, there are no special uses of woven cloth. However, when it comes to the nonwoven cloth, it has many amazing benefits like

1. They have special characteristics that make them perfect for a wide variety of applications.

2. When the fibers are reinforced they have more stability and strength as compared to other fabrics available in the market.

3. Fiberglass is the best example of non-woven materials and technologies

4. It is manufactured by using different resins like polyurethane

5. It is a highly durable substrate that is used in different task from construction to tapes. 

The biggest attraction of the non-woven cloth is that they have many amazing properties like water/liquid resistance, increase impact resistance, fire retardant and they even have thermal insulating properties. The non-woven materials and technologies are used in many different fields from hygiene to geotextiles as well as in cleaning supplies. 

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