Why use non-woven fabrics?

A material that is non-conventional as well as beneficial in a lot of the ways and popular in the textile industry for its qualities is the non-woven fabric raw material. As the name suggests a non-woven fabric is the type of the material that is not woven or sewed to produce the desired product. In fact, it is made to go through a treatment to be formed into any shape and design for the use of oxygen mask, surgical apron, and shopping bags. Non-woven fabrics have some outstanding properties that make it different and better from the other materials.

This is why it is being widely and successfully used everywhere. People who use non-woven fabric things on a daily basis prefer to use it for other things as well because of the convenience that it provides a lot of the ways such as lightweight. 

What is a non-woven fabric?

In simple words, a non-woven fabric raw material is not made from any type of clothing material but it is a collected of fiber arranged in a random or unformed manner that is done through various chemical treatments. The non-woven fabric manufacturing process also includes the thermal and mechanical process to which the textile industry is quite familiar with. Due to its low-cost, the woven fabrics are commonly used in basically every field profession especially for the medical purpose. It is a bonded material that is an outcome of a phenomenal chemical procedure which makes it resistant to tearing apart. This is the main reason why the market for the non-woven fabrics has experienced a potential growth in the last few years. 

Benefits of non-woven fabrics

1. Lightweight:

The non-woven fabric is extremely lightweight that makes it feasible to use for any occasion, any time, and anywhere. This way it becomes easier to carry and handle it, especially when it comes to holding numerous products at the same time.

2. Inexpensive:

It is an inexpensive textile material that makes it suitable to produce products that are less costly. This is also why it is recommended by the hospitals and school for being used as a primary for purposes such as surgical apron and mask. 

3. Strength:

The strength of a non-woven fabric increases its stability for a long-term use. The durability of this material is above-average that adds to one of the reasons for preferring it over other fabrics. 

4. Environmental-friendly:

The non-woven fabric material is also environmental due to being created from fibers that do not require to be taken from the trees and other natural sources. Also, once made, the non-woven fabric does not need to be thrown even after a prolonged use. 

5. Resistant to oil:

It is highly resistant to oil that also makes it suitable for being used in the commercial sector such as restaurants. Even if the fabric absorbs oil then also it is easy to wash it that does not require time.

There are other numerous benefits of the non-woven fabric including moisture resistant and easy to wash, for which it is recommended and preferred for the industrial, commercial, residential use as well.

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