Amazing characteristics of nonwoven fabrics

One of the most common materials in the textile industry that has the maximum number of benefits and properties that suit the requirement of almost every commercial and residential use is the non-woven fabric material. The characteristics of non-woven fabrics are the reason for the material becoming popular in the last few years because the textile industry has witnessed a rapid growth due to it. Also, there are numerous types of non-woven fabrics that allow it to be used widely in every field of the profession such as hospitals, restaurants, and residential sectors as well.  

The qualities of the non-woven fabrics are the main reason for the material being used and appreciated by its regular users who prefer it over any other fabric including cloth. This is due to the fact that it is made from the collection of fibers that are organized in a uniform or random form which make it lightweight as easy to use. 

Types of non-woven fabrics

The types of the non-woven fabrics used by the textile industry include:

1. Surgical accessories such as apron and mask.

2. Diapers.

3. Sanitary napkins.

4. Blankets.

5. Upholstery.

6. Felt.

7. Insulation.

8. Protective wrapping material.

There are thousands of other uses and types of the non-woven fabrics which is why it is encouraged by the textile industry to be widely and commonly used in the commercial and residential sectors. 

Characteristics of non-woven fabrics

The non-woven fabric DIY is also one of the common uses of the material because of its physical properties such as flexibility, strength, and stability which allows the users to create it into any form, making it perfect for the DIY projects. Some of the characteristics of non-woven fabric are:

             · The non-woven fabric seems to be paper like, also called because of which it is lightweight

· It can be made into a thick or thin from, however; the product requires it to be because of the flexible nature that makes it durable for both of the textures.

· The non-woven fabric is quite easy to be colored in any color that allows adding diversity in the products.

· While some non-woven fabrics can be easily washed, the others cannot, depending on the thickness and the other manufacturing properties.

· It is suitable for gluing and heating that makes it famous in the non-woven fabric DIY category.

· The non-woven fabrics are super soft which makes it skin friendly and does not cause allergies until and unless there is some special medical condition.

· It has a low-tear quality that means that it cannot easily tear apart even after a rough use.

· The non-woven fabric can also be dry-cleaned if the user feels the fear of the material damaging.

· The durability of the non-woven fabrics depends on its quality and texture. For instance, a think non-woven fabric can be easily folded and draped in any form while the thick ones need a bit a technique, especially for the non-woven fabric DIY assignments. 

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The characteristics of non-woven fabrics prove the material to be feasible for every type of the use which is also one of the main reasons for its growing popularity

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