What are different types of clay and how to use them 

For centuries humans have been using clay in different forms. In the ancient times clay was used for the constructions of homes and production of kitchen utensils. However, with the passage of time different classifications of clay types were introduced and all of them had their unique uses. The variety of uses of the clay is one of the reasons why polymer clay is getting more popular in the past decade. Here we have some common types of clay you should know about. 

Polymer Clay

It is the type of lay based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride that can be hardened. There are several Polymer Clay ideas used by artists to make different art and crat items. The best polymer clay artists have the ability to use the clay for commercial purposes as well to make decorative parts. 5 things you probably didn’t know about polymer clay are:

1. The polymer clay is workable until cured at 265  F for 15 minutes

2. You can easily achieve this temperature in the home oven

3. When cured the clay will not shrink

4. The clay is often classified as the endocrine disruptors

5. It has to undergo a special process that makes it safe to use 

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Dough Clay

It is commonly known as the air dry modelling clay for children. the best thing about this clay and modeling materials is that it is available in edible variations. It means that you can give it to the children to play for as long as they like. a common question most of the parents ask is that how long does modelling clay take to dry. You should know that it will dry within few seconds. However, with the addition of a few drops of water you can use it once again. This is the reason is the best clay for the children. 

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Ceramic Clay

It is the earthenware clay that is used in the manufacturing of the construction products and other models that we often find outside the hotels and other areas. There are different types of ceramic clays available like:

1. Earthware clay

2. Stoneware clay

3. Kaolin clay

The three most regularly utilized fired dirt are ceramic mud bodies, mid-fire stoneware mud bodies, and high-fire stoneware earth bodies. Every one of the three are accessible financially in sodden, prepared to-utilize frame. Earth bodies can likewise be delivered by blending dry mud and added substances with water to make your own particular wanted dirt body. 

It is important that you understand the different types of clay available in the market because it will help you with the selection process. If you are planning to start working with the clay the better option would be to start with the dough clay. You will learn how to make different structures and after that you can easily make models with the polymer clay. Assure that you follow all the safety measures while using the clay because that is the only way to get best results. 

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