Indigo dye techniques to create perfect patterns

The dark blue dye obtained from indigo plant is used in dying the clothes. There are many individuals that have been using the indigo dye techniques to give their shirts a new color and pattern. Most of the people think that it is a very hard process and might need a lot of skills. However, all you need is your shirt and the indigo dye and within few hours you will have the perfect shirt with the patterns that you want. You can create different types of patterns with the indigo dye but first, it is important that you learn the basic techniques. Here we have the complete guide that will help you in learning the process. 

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Here are some of the important things that you will require for the process.

•A fabric of the natural material

Dying kit

Wooden Tiles

•Large bucket 

Cotton Twine Guideline

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Here is the step by step guide that will allow you to perfectly dye the cloth using indigo dye. 

1. Take a plastic sheet and cover the area that you will be using to dye because it is important that you do not get the dye everywhere. Working in the backyard will be a better option. Assure that you are wearing gloves to protect your hands from stains.

2. You will have to fill a large bucket with warm water

3. Now add the indigo dye into a small cup according to the shade and consistency that you would like to have. Assure that you properly mix the dye into the water so that you will get the best shade

4. Let the mixture sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes

5. Now take your cloth and the cotton twine. You can fold it into different shapes. The simplest is to keep the fabric strain and tie it with the cotton twine. Assure that you tightly cover the areas. You can keep it symmetrical or have different sizes of the area that you will keep without the cotton twine. It will give you different patterns when you remove the twine.

6. There is a chance that scum will form on the top surface of the water. You can easily remove it with your hand and after that pour the fabric into the water.

7. Let it stay in the bucket for a few minutes so that only limited portion of the fabric will absorb the dye. 

8. Once you take it our you have to assure that you carefully open the cotton twine so that the pattern that you have created will not be damaged. Leave the fabric in the open so it will dry properly.

9. In the end, you will have to wash it with warm water to remove all the extra dye and dry it once again.

You can use as many patterns as you like while dying with the indigo dye. You can use the process to dye your shirt and bags. Assure to use pure fabric because only it will absorb the dye. 

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