Macramé wall hanging DIY

There are many individuals that prefer to give a new look to their interior by adding some DIY projects. Some of the ladies are experts when it comes to DIY and they have managed to décor there home with all the DIY items. However, others do not have enough time and so they prefer to buy such product from stores. Yarn made wall decorations are the best when it comes to interior décor. We know that you want to give your interior a new look. So here we have free macramé wall hanging patterns and instructions to help you out. 

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For your macramé wall hanging DIY assure that you have the following items.

• Scissors

• Thin rope 400 feet

• Tape

Here we have the step by step guide for one of the simplest macramé wall hanging decoration ideas.

Learn to knot and cut the right length

Make sure that you have the basic knowledge to make the lark head knot, double half hitch knot, and square knot. Cut 1 to 2 inches long and you will have to dowel and tie knots on every end. It is the string that you will use to hang your work once you have completed it. You will have to cut 24 pieces at least 120 inches in length. You can select the length according to the size of macramé wall hanging that you are planning to make. Once you are done you have to tie all the strands to the dowel with the lark knot.

Give it some shape

After that, you will have to take the entire first row and tie it with 12 square knots. These are the 4 strand knots. You can start with a single end of the piece and work your way horizontally. When you get to the second row skip all first row strands and begin with 3rd strand and it will end up when you tie 11 knots in the same manner. You will have to continue the process until you reach the 1 square knot at the end. It will give you a V shape or triangular structure.

Trim and use

1. When you have tied all the rows with the square knots, you can get started with the double half hitch knot series in a diagonal direction. You will make the knots on the right and left sides of the V shape.

2. It will help you to create the perfect border and all the V shape will be trimmed out. When you will look at the bottom of the piece you will get a few inches of rope left that will give you a fringe like an appearance.

3. At the bottom of the V shape, you will have to tie another series of a square knot. It will help to join and secure the half hitch knots.

4. If you like you can gather random areas of the rope and tie more square knots if you want to give it a new look. 

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In the end, you will have to use the tape that will diagonally guide you while you shorten the length of the fringes. You can keep your desired length because there is no wrong or right way of designing the macramé wall hanging. 

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