Do You Really Want Dried Flower Bouquets For Your Wedding?

As every spring is a high season for wedding, so many people want to show their love during this blossom season. Then have you heard about the dried flower theme wedding? Have you really seem some brides carry dried flower bouquets? Also why dried flower is so popular at wedding party nowadays?

Dried bouquets are fragrant, there is no doubt that. This has been come into a kind of art. Dried flower help to keep the real beauty of fresh flower. Dried flowers bring cheer with their bright, natural colors and their everlasting display.  Dried flowers make the perfect gift, because they bring joy and beauty year round.  Unless placed in direct sunlight, dried flowers do not fade.  There is a large variety of dried flowers available for use to brighten a home or office.  Our dried flowers are included in single bunches by variety, in wreaths, in mixed bouquets and in cornucopias.  Enjoy the beauty that dried flowers can bring into your world.

Dried flowers are less expensive than fresh flowers, and last forever, just same as their love. So a dried flower theme wedding is meaningful and help brides to keep a deep memory about this unforgettable experience. Dried flower requires no refrigeration, so you can order them well ahead of time and now have to worry about where to keep them (especially important for hot, humid weddings in the summer). Brides also love the ease of customization, as these bouquets can be color coordinated to match your wedding palette.

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Small Tips:How to Store Dried Flowers

Once dried, store your flowers in a covered wicker box or similar container that allows air circulation. Never use plastic. Cardboard boxes are suitable, but cut several holes in the sides and top. Fragile, shatter-prone flowers such as larkspur, hydrangea, or sweet Annie can be made more durable by using a spray-on fixer. The fixers don't dry the flowers. However, they coat and strengthen brittle stems and blooms, and dried flower arrangers recommend them. Several brands are available at craft stores; however, ordinary hair spray reportedly works equally well.

After the spray treatment, wrap each bunch loosely in tissue paper or newspaper, and lay it flat in the container. Put heavy flowers on the bottom, and don't pack the box too tightly. Keep your storage boxes in the same cool, dry areas you used for drying.

Warning! Drying flowers can be addictive! Before long, wreaths will adorn all your doors, and swags will hang from every wall. And they'll all have come from your own garden. Talk about an extended season! You'll soon see why dried flowers are often called "everlastings."

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