Macrame for your home decor

Macrame is a form of textile produced using knotting (rather than weaving or knitting) techniques which came from a 13th-century Arabic weavers’ word migramah meaning”fringe”.

How to do macrame?

There are several basic macrame knots I have introduced before which can be good for all beginners to use during there products making. And generally speaking, macrame is made of many kinds of knots. Except some basic knots such as square knots, Lark’s Head Knot and diagonal square knots, there are still other knots. For example, Spiral Knot.

Instruction shows for you:

1. Now you see 4 cords in bottom of the tie. Put two middle-cords beside of themselves, and two side-cords away.

2. Bring the left cord to right.

3. And bring it under the right cord.

4. Then bring the right cord from under two-middle cords and over the left cord, to left.

5. Now just pull the right and left cord to complete the first tie.

6. You learned the trick! Just repeat this process to make more knots and finish the rope.

7. At the end, you can cut surplus cords to give your rope an arranged look.

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How to use macrame in home decor?

The macrame nearly endless variety of configurations makes it perfect for hanging, covering and draping, and it can easily be fashioned to complement the unique size and shape of other items.

We make and weave macrame due to we would like to use it as home decoration. Macrame wall hanging free patterns can be widely used. Plant hanger can be wonderful for daily home decor. Plants are usually a part of our home member. So there is a best place for you to arrange them. Hang them on the balcony and never afraid of the water you add to them. Also this is kind of scenery of your home.

Another use is about hanging macrame wall art

Mount a macrame tapestry to make blank, uninteresting sections of wall more eye-catching. Or design a unique dreamcatcher and hang it in your living room, helping to catch your sweet dream. Also a macrame curtain can be made to your home. No matter what your are going to use for, your macrame can be a kind of are in your home decoration. Just choose to make it by yourself is a such meaningful thing.

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