How to Help Those Homeless Animals By Knitting?

With the rapidly development of modern society, more and more animals which used to live in happy are now becoming homeless and living in a hard life. We human beings are now emphasizing the importance of protecting environment again and again since this existing environment have been threatening their lives. But if there is anybody who have noticed the importance of helping those homeless animals, even though making a little effort for them? People do should feel sympathy for those homeless animals without any doubt. But how can we do for them? This is a normal human being without any other special skills except doing some fiber DIY, such as <strong>knitting for charity</strong>. We do call on craftsmen to help those animals by knitting, weaving, crochet and any other forms of fiber. Below several projects are introduced to you.
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<strong>Knitted Snuggles Blanket</strong> Project

The Snuggles Project recruits crafts to crochet, knit or sew a snuggle blanket for homeless animals in shelters. This campaign, which is part of Hugs for Homeless Animals, was started in 1996 by Rae French. Since it began the project has given away more than a million snuggles. These blanket-like objects calm animals and make their stays in the shelters more comfortable. They are also designed to make visitors to shelters more comfortable for these animals who are likely overstressed and scared, hopefully giving them a better chance at finding a forever home.

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Knit Bird Nests 

WildCare Wildlife Hospital is responsible for raising 800 orphaned birds a year, so they are in need of as much help as possible. One way you can lend a helping hand (or wing, as the case may be) is to <strong>knit nests for baby birds</strong> with free patterns found on their website. These knitted nests (try saying that ten times fast) provide the baby birds with a place to live that is soft, washable and as close to a wild bird’s nest as they can realistically get. There are options to knit or <strong>crochet a bird nest</strong>, so a variety of skills can be utilized.

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Koala Mittens

Koalas are often at risk of injury during the South Australian and Victorian bushfire seasons. They move relatively slowly and often get severe burns as a result of contact with burning trees or walking over ground that is on fire.It can take up to a year for the koala’s paws to heal fully, so during that time they need special cotton mittens to help keep burn cream on their injuries. <strong>Knitting a mittens</strong> is quite useful for them. Rehabilitation facilities can go through hundreds of mittens a day during bushfire season as they need to be frequently changed and washed. Organizations such as the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) encourage the public to donate homemade mittens. A pattern can be found on the IFAW website, as well as information about where to send the mittens. The main requirement is that the fabric be 100 percent cotton, but the mittens can easily be made by the novice crafter from clean sheets or towels of the appropriate material.

General Crafting for Animal Shelters

While there are many specific projects to which you can donate your crafting skills and time—even when there is no specific cause—animal shelters can always use your talents. In addition to donations of food and toys, shelters are always looking for ways that they can make animals in their care more comfortable. Remember, a crowded shelter can be a scary place for a small animal, any bit of comfort can help!

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