Wood and Resin Rings Tutorial

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Step 1:Splintering the Wood to make some wood chips

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I tried breaking wooden boards in half over his knee, in a vise, I kerfed the wood to make it crack more straight, I tried thin boards and thick boards. 

Step 2:Make the carving mold with waterproof paper

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I cut the waterproof paper into several molds. 

Paste waterproof paper on small wooden blocks,and put the wood chips into the molds.

Step 3:Prepare colorful resin

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Mixed the resin and harder as A:B=3:1

Dropped a couple drops of blue pigment. Just a little bit goes a long way! 

Step 4:Pour the mixed resin into the molds and dry them

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Waitting for 24 hours  and the cast can come out of the mold

Step 5:Cut and polish into beautiful rings

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Cut and polish into beautiful rings

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