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Spooky season is upon us and many of us are looking for fun ways to decorate the house! Today I am going to show you a few different witch ingredients to make for cute decorations and centerpieces.

Step 1:Griffin Feathers

Griffin Feathers_dearlivesGriffin Feathers_dearlives
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Start with a wider bottle and buy any fake feathers. I used these brown feathers from the craft store. Put the feathers in the bottle and put the lid back on. You can decorate the lid with hemp. I decided to add beads and some feathers to the hemp. For how to do the label please scroll to the bottom.

Step 2:Dragons Blood

Dragons Blood_dearlivesDragons Blood_dearlivesDragons Blood_dearlives
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Get your next glass and fill it halfway with water. Mix in red, black, and blue food coloring to get the desired blood color. Shake it up. Add oil to the desired fill line. You may need to shake up the water and oil. Decorate your bottle however you want.

Step 3:Unicorn Blood

Unicorn Blood_dearlivesUnicorn Blood_dearlivesUnicorn Blood_dearlives
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Take your container and fill it with the desired amount of water. Add a metallic pigment and shake it up! Finish by decorating.

Step 4:

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I would recommend using a wider bottle. Start by adding flour. Add metallic purple and dark pink pigment. Cut up some cellophane and add to the flour to resemble small pieces of wings. Glitter is optional.

Step 5:How to make the labels

How to make the labels_dearlivesHow to make the labels_dearlives
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start with a thicker piece of paper. Regular sketching paper should be fine. Start by writing the ingredient on the paper. Get it wet all over and cover in a watered down light brown color. Next, get a darker brown and dab all around the edges. Wait for it to dry and wither tape or glue onto your container!

Step 6:Other Ideas

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Pond Scum: green food coloring and fake moss

Ground Unicorn Horn: Same as crushed faerie wings

Mermaid blood

Mermaid Scales

Kraken Ink (squid ink)

Spider Venom

Spider Eyes

Newt eyes

Vampire Blood

Angel feathers

Troll hair


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catherine luzzi Very suitable for Halloween decoration!
oliver Tam Wow, this looks beautiful. I like.

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