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This idea came up to my mind when I knocked down my coffee. 

Step 1:

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First, prepare some mini DIY bottles, lemons, kiwi. Remember that their sizes should be available.

Second, get resin glue mixed and ready. Add some color concentrate. I like blue so put into the blue. Choose anyone you like. Just feel free to the shape.

Third, now put into the decorated mini fruits into bottles. Remember to add some glue or they’ll be moveable.

Forth, put the bottles down just like it’s knocked down by someone. Here comes the most charming step: leave some glue randomly the last step is waiting, waiting, waiting…


After all dried, you’ll see what you knocked down just now.

The most important thing you need to pay attention to is natural. Keep everything just like they’re natural but fictitious.

      Almost forgot, I put on some gold characters on the bottles so they look nice. 


  • bottles
  • fruits mold
  • resin
  • sticks
  • measure cups
  • mold


Sorry, liked already!


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