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Do you also have a dream about the wedding dress, maybe in a holy church or in the way of a strange travel? Do you also meet the individual who is willing to accompany with you for the rest of her/his life? When you find and are going to marry her/him, you can make a wedding bouquet for yourself at your wedding. What an impressed memory! All right? Of course, you can also make it for your good friends.

This tutorial will help you. Hope you like this one and vote for me. Let’s start.

Step 1:Material

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Hot glue gun

Foam ball

Some decorations

Stem(made from iron wire and wrap with green paper)

Step 2:Flowers

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Firstly, you should take a ribbon and now start to make flowers.

Fold a triangle at one end of the ribbon. After sticking, roll it into inside and then fold a triangle with the ribbon and stick again.Repeat the above step about 4 or 5 times.

Lastly, cut off the rest ribbon with scissors and fix it.

Now, a ribbon flower is finished. You can make some of these flowers to decorate your wedding bouquet.

Step 3:Stick the flowers and the other decorations on the stem.

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In this step, you can stick the flowers and the other decorations on the stem. These decorations are all corrected from clothes or other objects.

Step 4:Cut the stem and insert these flowers and decorations on the foam ball

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Cut the stem a little to be convenient to decorate the foam ball.

Next, insert these flowers and decorations on the foam ball. Additional decorations can be added to the gap, like Pearl chain or others.

Step 5:Fix the handle and decorate it

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Stick the handle on the bottom. And then wrap the ribbon around the handle.

You should prepare some ribbons about 30cm to fold and stick them on the root of the handle for decoration. While finished sicking the total circle, you can stick them under the foam ball.

Lastly, fix a decoration on the handle.

Look! How beautiful wedding bouquet!



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Sybila Frank It's quite beautiful and suitable for weeding ceremony!
Robin Sullivan @James Bond : Thanks! :blush:
James Bond It is so beautiful !
Robin Sullivan @shellyFinney :Thank you for your support and comment.:blush:
shelly Finney :heart:Welcome to the contest! This is beautiful!!!! You have my vote!! Good luck!:heart_eyes:

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