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Today, I’m sharing with you a fun DIY project. Either way, making your own is a simple and economical DIY.

Step 1:What you will need

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Paraffin wax

Gel wax



Color Dye


Step 2:Melt the wax

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Respectively melt the paraffin wax and gel wax in the pot. After melting them into liquid, pour them into the mold prepared before. Don’t mix them together, because it’s complex when you are going to take off the mold and distinguish them. Please leave a little the paraffin wax to make the “pearl”.

You should add black Dye into the left paraffin wax stirring and then pour them into another mold.

Step 3:Fix the wick

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Once the wax has solidified, use the wick to cross through the piece of the ice cube. And then place this wick in the glass and continue to add the ice cube.

Step 4:pour the gel wax

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Now, it’s time to pour the gel wax into the glass about 3/4. And then add the blue Dye into the pot to make the different color. Next, pour the blue gel wax into the glass and stab the wax with the stick to mix two colors.

Step 5:Let sit to solidify

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Let sit for 20 minutes to solidify.

And the other milk tea is about in the same way. You can watch this video which uploaded above. Hope you can get more inspiration to create all kinds of candles with different color and taste.


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Char Drty Great idea. I'm saving this for a base idea for other candles. Thank you for sharing this! Question: how did you get the bubbles in the gel wax? I really like that look. I was thinking about using a straw to gently blow some bubbles when the gel is still liquid. What is your technique?

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