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This tutorial for you is to show how to make some cute earrings.It’s easy.Do you want to try?


Step 1:Materials

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Shrinky Dinky paper


UV glue



Round hole mold

Copper wire

UV lamp

Small case


Step 2:Make 3D Pumpkin Earrings

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1.Cut two pieces of heat shrink sheets of the same size and paint in orange.

2.Draw the outline of the pumpkin on the sheets and cut the patterns along the lines.

3.Heat the pumpkin pattern with an air-heater. The pattern will curl up and shrink,and when flatten back out you know that they are finished.

4.Put the sheets in the mold to press out the round pumpkin shape.

5.Hook them up.And the pumpkin earring is finished.

Step 3:Make Ear Studs

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1.Cut the heat shrink patterns printed in advance one by one carefully and patiently.

2.Heat these patterns using the air-heater.You can put them into a small cap.

3.Apply the glue evenly over the every patterns and light them under the lamp to make the glue dry.Attach the studs to the patterns with the glue.

Now some pairs of ear studs and one pair of earrings have been made.Hope you will vote for me.


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catherine luzzi So lovely earrings! I'll make some for myself.

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