Underpinning A House: How Much Does It Cost?

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The process in which the foundations of a house are strengthened is known as underpinning a house. This is done by professionals who assess the extent of damage the weakened foundations have  caused and will fix it for you.

When the walls of the house start to crack and the front door jams, it is likely that there is something that is causing trouble. You should  call a  contractor, a  structural engineer, or an expert who specializes in underpinning work, to inspect the house. Without knowing the extent of the damage, we cannot assess the cost of underpinning a house.

We do suggest that you take the opinion of at least two different companies and compare their assessments and prices. The companies themselves will then contact the structural engineers, soil test engineers, insurance companies, and building inspectors. The entire process can be complex and even frustrating for you if things get delayed for various reasons.

Challenges of Determining the Cost of Underpinning a House


We cannot deny that experts tend to charge more than others. After all, they have years of experience to ensure that the work gets done without much trouble. Also, with different methods of underpinning being followed by different contractors and companies, the charges will invariably vary to suit the materials, equipment, and labor required for the task.

Different Houses different costs

Every house is different. The size, shape, model, and the soil conditions of each house will be different from the other. Each house has to be individually assessed and various factors have to be taken into consideration to determine the cost of underpinning a house.


We are going to be straightforward and admit that not all contractors will be honest. There will always be people who would want to take advantage of the fact that the house owners do not know the technicalities of the process. You could end up paying more than what is necessary if you are not careful. At the same time, there are contractors and companies who value transparency and charge only according to the amount of work that needs to be done.

Types of Underpinning That Decide the Cost of Underpinning a House

Beam and Base: A technically advanced version, concrete beams are constructed below or above the existing footing  that bear the weight of the entire house. The size and the depth of these beams will depend upon the ground conditions of the house.

Mass Concrete: Suitable for heavy foundation loads and shallow depth underpinning, this method follows a process in which the ground below the house is excavated step by step and  then filled with concrete.

Mini-piled: Mini-piled underpinning is followed when a good portion of the foundation has to be transferred to stable soil.

Expanded Resin Injection: A dose of structural resin and hardener mix is  injected into the weak soil to make it compact enough to sustain the weight of the house.

Expected Cost of Underpinning a House

An underpinning job that involves major work would cost around $30,000, including the charges of the engineer and other miscellaneous costs. If the job is a small one with a concrete base, the cost of underpinning a house could be around $15,000. The below stated are the four major elements that are charged by the companies.

Soil TestEngineering ReportUnderpinning WorkAdditional Engineering

To avoid having to pay more, you can ask for a fixed price quote or a transparent quote from the companies. The language used in the quote should be clear and the company should provide clarifications and make sure you understand everything before the work begins.



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