Turn wasted cloth scraps to beautiful wedding gown

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This’s a birthday gift I made for my little girl a few days ago and I hope it can get a good prize. Let happiness keep longer.

Step 1:What we need

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Tools we need: cloth scraps such as white yarn, purple silk cloth, streamer, scissors, sewing tape, needlework, beauty model, hot glue, artificial flower, sticking band

Step 2:Making the tube top

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I need to measure the tube top size from the model first then draft a design accordingly. Cutting out the top bottom from the draft, then I stitch out the breast line.

Step 3:Making white yarn skirt part

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Stitching out the waist part with a needle. Connecting tube top and white skirt by stitching. Don’t forget to put on a sticking band so it can be easier to put on and take off from the model.

Step 4:Top decor

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Stitching some plicated purple leftover material as decoration so this dress will become more three-dimensional.

Step 5:Skirt edge decor

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Same method used as top decor but no need to fold but along side the whole edge.

Step 6:Flowers decor

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This’s the last but most charming part. I make them with some old fashion fake flowers. Disassemble the flower first, then paste the petals on the gown with hot glue. You can make the flower decoration as shape as you like.


It comes out finally. I hope you’ll like and enjoy my video. My girl loves it so much so maybe it’s a good idea for yours too. You know girls.


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Wanda Newsome I think it must be a perfect gift!
Wanda Townsend Beautiful!Little girls will love it .
nita miller Love it, love it, love it!!!!
Roya Arshadnia LOVE
mike Bishop Do you sell? My girl really wants it. 
Pat Alianiello Beautiful toy!
Yuly Zarraga Great! I will make it for my daughter.
terry manns Voted! I like it, but maybe it's better if there's a lining. 
theresa smith Oh, I fall in love with it. :kissing_heart:

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