Tricycle Shape Flower Basket Made By Wasted Paper Boxes

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Step 1:Preparation

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I have some plastic flowers but nowhere to put so came up with this idea when I saw a tricycle video.

Here’s main materials: glue gun, rope, wasted paper boxes, scissors,  several wooden sticks, some coffee beans, tape, pen, a disposable paper cup

Here we go! 

Step 2:Carriage wheels part

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A. Let’s make 2 back wheels first because they’re the same size. Take the tape circle as wheels’ inner and outer sides. Draw the wheels on the paper boxes. The paper boxes are not thick so I gather 3 pieces together by hot glue to make one wheel so it’s resistible. Make another one by the same method. Now I need to wrap the rope around the wheels so they’re fixed better and more beautiful. At last, I make some sticks with rope wrapped (remember to measure the length ahead) and fix them onto wheels with hot glue again.

B. It’s time to make front bigger wheel now.

Measure the size first, then make it as the same way as two back wheels.

C. Beautify three wheels with coffee beans on outer side with hot glue.

Here comes the three wheels.

Note: sizes of three wheels are decided by yourself but front one has to be bigger. 

Step 3:Tricycle frame part

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What need to do first is counting where and how many frame sticks I need to make.

The result is 2 sticks for the front wheel, 2 sticks for back ones, 3 support sticks for the handle, 1 driver stick.

Simply fixed them same way by hot glue. 

Step 4:Tricycle basket part

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Measure and cut the right height of basket I want. Wrapping it with rope, but don’t forget to use hot glue or will be loose very soon.

Installing it onto the connection sticks between back wheels with hot glue.


The Last step, putting flowers into! Done!

You can put it anywhere you want to decorate. Cheap, recycle, easy craft.



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shelly Finney You got my vote!! still time! Good luck 
Wanda Townsend Great work!Lovely!
Sabrina Millen This one is a nice work. I will try it. Thanks!
julie lake I made one with my girl. She loves so much. Thanks for your post. 
krystal montagano so lovely

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