Trash to treasure: Make an inflatable boat

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Hello, everybody. This is a tutorial about inflatable boat. You can make it for your kids or yourself. Just now! Do it!

Step 1:Gather supplies

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Ice cream sticks




Step 2:Make the body of the inflatable boat

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Cut a ice cream stick into two equal parts, get two complete sticks and then put them together.

Measure the width of the 4 sticks. Cut several same length of the Ice cream sticks and stick them on the sticks, including the end of the 2 sticks. Next, cut 4 pieces and fix them on the 2 sticks. (Tips: Leave 2 gap on each side to insert the rubber band in the next step. )

Cut off of a little of the 2 sticks and then fix them on each side. Turn over the craft, and stick the remaining two parts on the groove. You can watch the video which uploaded above.

Step 3:Trim the body of the inflatable boat

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Trim the edge and surface with a knife and sand with sandpaper.

Step 4:Make the power unit

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Measure the left blank with 2 ice cream sticks and cut them into the same length.

Cut a little gap with a knife and trim them, including the top of the sticks. Next, intersect them.

Insert the gap with a rubber band, stretch each side and then fix each side on the bottom of the inflatable boat body.

Insert the rubber band and put the intersecting sticks into the rubber band.

Step 5:Put the inflatable boat into water

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Now, the inflatable boat has been basically completed.

You can rotate the intersecting sticks to offer power. The more you rotate, the more power you will get.

Put it into water. Look! What an interesting and useful craft!



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Wanda Newsome A mini boat.So cute!
Wanda Townsend Wonderful!!
lynn thomas Great!
Pat Alianiello So cute.
Yuly Zarraga Thank you for sharing.
Avril Ivan I will do it for my kids. Thanks!

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