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This is a resin pour on a table. I usually go hunting for wooden table in shops like Hobby Lobby or second hand shops like Salvation Army. I found this one in Hobby Lobby.

If u can unscrew the wooden top from its stand that would be good so that no resin may flow over to the stand.

Give the table a good wipe and remove any debris.

Planning is crucial because resin harden really fast. Here is a link for tips on resin https://www.artresin.com/blogs/artresin/44707073-how-to-make-resin-cure-faster?gclid=CjwKCAjwhLHaBRAGEiwAHCgG3p3oJM6RJCbNijU_slecHV-S_D1otOf50qU66V8fms1Pmzq5gxzq5BoCMcAQAvD_BwE

Here is a video on how to work with resin


I use ArtResin for my work.

Step 1:step 1 preparation of the table top

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This table that I found dips inward therefore I did not have to make a reservoir to catch the resin. If your table does not check out this video that show n explain it.



I unscrew the the wooden top from the metal stand so that I can place it flat on my work table. 

Step 2:

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Step 2

Before you do anything you must plan ahead, like what colors you have decide and how you are going to create your design, the reason being once you mix you resin, you have to work fast, because it will started to harden.

Materials used

1)Art Resin 


2) acrylic paint ( black, red and antique gold from Anita’s )

3) white powdered pigment I buy mine from amazon


4) fine glitter (gold)

5) jumbo craft sticks for stiring

6) torch gun (used for crime brûlée) 

I got mine from Amazon. 

7) Gold metal leaves 

8) a box to cover your work 

9) drop plastic over your table and floor to catch any resin drops 

10) semiprecious stones i bought from Michael's, they sell them on a string.

11) measuring cups 

12) baby wipes 

13) plastic cups 

Prepare your work.

Get all your cups, measuring cup and sticks ready and pour the color you want to use in the cups. 

Measure the resin as instructed on the bottle.

Pour the amount you want in each cups and mix well. I pour more resin in the black acrylic because I was going to use more black in the design. 

I mix my antique gold acrylic with gold fine glitter and resin together

I then place the semi precious stone where I want it to be and pour white powder pigment with resin over the stones and then I pour one color at a time going from the center to the Outer rim.

When that is done I added metal gold leaf and glitter where I want it to be. 

 Once you are happy with design use a torch to torch out the bubbles. Work the torch from left to right.

Cover the work so that dust do not settle on it. Let it Hardened for 24 hours then pour the next layer and scattered glitter wherever you want so that it gives an illusion of layers. I had to do it 2 more times because of the stones, I had to completely cover it so that it will be level.

After you have finished all the layers then let it cure another 24 hours. 

Check the video links above before you start your work. Learn the do’s and don’t Watch the videos still you are confident working with resin. 


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Zacharias Ikaria I just love your ideas and my visitors would feel the same. Please feel free to post on my site and link back to yours to get more visitors to your site. If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at donna@pikidilly.comhttps://www.pikidilly.com
Veronica Wong @Patricia Tanis :I am so sorry Patricia silly me whenever I am working with resin I work quickly and have no thought of stopping to capture a picture.  Next time I will. But I have included detail videos of how to resin a table. I am looking for a new table to do and I will definitely take shots of it and post it. One of my inspirational geo resin artist is Mrs Colorberry. Check out her site and video and I think she is also conducting online classes  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=INL9aE8VYgEShe is the best in resin a table. After watching her I am hooked
Patricia Tanis @Andy White : Me too, looking for pictures first. :sweat_smile: 
Andy White @Veronica Wong : Yes, I saw it! Thank you so much. This helps me better! Already voted for you~
Veronica Wong @Andy White : I have rewritten the instructions with videos in preparation of table top and how to use resin. It is not my videos but I watch them before I started working with resin. Plse go back and read the tutorial again. I think this time it will be more helpful
Veronica Wong @Andy White :Hi Andy I am so sorry I don’t. When I am working With resin I have to work fast and  I Always forget to take pictures of the different process. So sorry ask me anything and I will guide u through. First find a table even a second hand table will do. 
Andy White Do you have picture steps? Thank you!
LindaAnn Joslin This is so pretty.  So different and very nice.

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