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Have some single garlic cloves? Do you sometimes have a hard time finding certain spices in the cupboard? Here is a diy spice holder that is not only convenient but will add a little decor to your kitchen. You can make as many as you like.

Step 1:Tools and materials needed

Tools and materials needed _dearlives
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1. Hot glue gun 

2. Glue sticks

3. Scissors 

4. Hole puncher 

5. Measuring tape 

6. Plastic egg 

7. Artificial roses 

8. rope

Step 2:artificial roses

artificial roses _dearlivesartificial roses _dearlivesartificial roses _dearlivesartificial roses _dearlives
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Take off one rose from stem and take apart until you are left with only leaves and rose petals as shown. Take the scissors and cut the rose petals to make single petals as shown. 

Step 3:Plastic egg

Plastic egg _dearlivesPlastic egg _dearlivesPlastic egg _dearlives
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Use the hole puncher to make two holes on top and bottom of plastic egg as shown. Make sure the holes are across from each other. 

Step 4:Hot glue

Hot glue _dearlivesHot glue _dearlivesHot glue _dearlivesHot glue _dearlivesHot glue _dearlivesHot glue _dearlives
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Hot glue the leaves to bottom of the plastic egg (bottom egg) being careful not to glue over the hole. Glue your rose petals to top of the plastic egg (top egg) overlapping them to give a more natural effect. Once you get to your 2nd layer of petals only glue at the bottom of petals as shown. 

Step 5:Rope

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Cut 28 inches of rope. Pull through your 28 inch rope from the outside in of your bottom plastic egg and tie a double knot as shown. Then pull the rope through the top egg from inside out as shown. Do the same on other side of plastic egg ending with tying a knot inside bottom egg.

Step 6:The finish

The finish _dearlivesThe finish _dearlivesThe finish _dearlives
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Once your rope is secure tie a knot at top leaving a loop for hanging as shown. You should be able to slide the top egg up and down. Pick your spot, hang it up, and store your desired spice. You can make as many you like. 


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Wanda Townsend Your first tutorial?It's pretty good!
shelly Finney @Wanda Townsend : Thank you very much. My 1st tutorial ever. I was a little unsure about it. You are encouraging. thank you 
Wanda Townsend VERY NICE !!!
shelly Finney @Maria Perez :Thank you Maria =)
Maria Perez Awesome!

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