Specification of Concrete Car Parks

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Do you own a car? If yes, you must face car parking problems unless and until you have got a parking lot in your complex or lane. The most annoying part of car parks is that you have to depend on others. Despite it being your car, you cannot take it out always because the car parks owner might not be home or available, etc. The requirement of concrete car parks is for private car owners and new business startups to keep parking areas for their customers. It is time for you to build concrete car parks by yourself now!

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Things to Do While Making the Concrete Car Parks

When you start with something new, you need to keep a few things in mind. Similarly, when planning to design and construct concrete car parks, you need to keep the following specifications in mind. Here you go!

The first thing you should do while making concrete car parks is not to forget that the car parks are pavements. When you build a home, will a room only help to make it home? What about the drainage system, kitchen, bathroom, etc.? Similarly, when you build concrete parks, you should not forget about the other essential things like the light poles, joints, slabs, and drainage.

The light poles with lights will help you see through the dark, even on the darkest nights, so that you do not end up damaging your car in the darkness. The joints and slabs are also necessary because concrete with subparts is better than one massive chunk of land! The most important of all is the drainage system in your car park which will prevent the area from' flooding during the rainy season.

Another thing which you should keep in mind is the soil base. When you want to build something like concrete car parks, you need to make them on the base soil. The first mistake that every other builder makes is to transfer loose soil from other lands or spots on the construction site and then build the whole concrete over it.

But if you want solid, unbreakable concrete car parking, it would be useless to apply the above procedure. You can use the base soil. But if the base soil is not strong enough to hold the concrete, you can bring in labelled ground soil for a better strength now!

The thickness of the concrete parks is something you should never overlook. The thickness depends on the type of vehicle you have. If you have a lightweight car, then a thickness of 4 inches would do. But when it comes to heavier vehicles like trucks and six-seater, your concrete car parks might need to be 5 or 6 inches in thickness.

The thickness and long-lasting nature of the concrete car parks depend on the number of vehicles travelling in the whole day, the cars' weight and load repetition. The last thing which you should be concerned about is the strength and longevity of the subgrade.

You need to take care of the entrances in the first place. You might have noticed that the entrances of the concrete parks are consistently elevated to some extent. That is to prevent the cars from rolling out of the parking lots. While constructing your parking lot, you need to pay special attention to the elevation of the entrance, which should not be more than 8% in any way.

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The above points have already given you the specifications of concrete car parks. If you want to know more, then you can go through the above article thoroughly.


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