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Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way... Are you familiar with this Song? Do you feel the Christmas atmosphere? The answer is YES, right?

The Snowman is the next favorite Christmas character, not just of the kids but also of the adults. Cute as he is, his fluffy figure and white complexion is a very in-demand Christmas decoration. The thought of Christmas coming up, I am getting more excited about this. I’m sure that you are too! So let’s start to make this snowman.

Step 1:Supplies you will need:

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UV Resin

Stirring sticks



Colored essence

Plastic cup


Step 2:Making the body of the snowman

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Firstly, pour some UV resin and drop two drops into the plastic cup at the same time. Stir the liquid for a while until they are dissolved.

Secondly, pour the liquid into the mould and then use the hot air gun to remove the bubble. Next, pour the second layer. After finishing this one, continue to do the another one in the same way.

Thirdly, bake it using a UVLED-D all the time until it is dry.

Tips: The shape of the mould is circular.

Step 3:Making the nose and hands of the snowman

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Pour little UV resin and add the red color essence into another cup. When it is dry, the nose of the snowman is finished. Put it aside waiting for using.

Now, start to make the hands of the snowman. Draw the hands shape on the paper and then take a piece of shrink film to copy the shape twice which has drawn on the paper. Next, cut them out of the shrink plastic. After that, use the black marker painting them. Now, shrink them until they become flat. If the hands are too long, please use the scissors cutting them off.

Step 4:Removing the mould and fixing

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In this step, remove the mould first if it is dry. And fix these two beads with UV resin or other glue. Of course, you should add one step if you use the UV resin. It’s baking. In order to make this snowman can stand on the table, polishing it with sandpaper is much better.

Now, It is time to fix the body’s parts. We can start from the eyes. Choose two small beads and put them on the table. Using a pen dip little glue on the small white beads fixing them. Fixing the nose, hands and a decoration is in the same way. If you don’t know how to do it, please refer to the video which has been upload on above.

Step 5:Making the scarf

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This part is similar to how to make hands of the snowman.

Cut a piece of shrink film and then color it with the red pen. Next, shrink it.

In this step, I am decorating this snowman with the scarf while shrinking it so that it’s easy to make the shape that you need.

Step 6:Assembling

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Now, you can assemble all the decorations you have prepared, such as snow.


This DIY project has been finished. Do you get it?

If you are a craftsman and have more ideas to offer. Welcome to join this contest with me. If it’s great, I will vote for you at once.

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way...


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Quan Huynh Cute snowman. I will make it while I have time.

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