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I came out with this idea when I was watching a movie since I’m always thinking about making something practical for Halloween. Total 5 pairs made for my families and me. Customization is available.

Here we go!

Step 1:Mix resin glue

Mix resin glue _dearlivesMix resin glue _dearlives
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1. Mix resin glue A and B to 3:1 (I failed once for a little error so be careful about the proportion.)

2. Add black color concentrate. I made both black and assorted ones but I like black ones better. You can check colored ones with different color concentrate on each finger. in last steps Add shimmering powder and paillette. Total 3 kind I added, but there’s no need to add to much.

3. Mix. Stir them till all these to all mixed up together. 

Step 2:Make skeleton hands

Make skeleton hands _dearlivesMake skeleton hands _dearlives
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1. Pull the glue into skeleton hand molds. Toothpicks are needed here to fill the mold because the fingers are too slim. Repeat this step to numbers you like. I made 5 pairs total.

2. Mold release. Remove all hands from the molds slightly after drying for 24 hours. 

Step 3:Decoration

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 1. Here we need UV glue to fix all kinds of ornamental. Spread glue on the hands then fix ornamental as you like but make sure to fix symmetrical ones on one pair. Of course, asymmetric ones are welcomed if you like.

 2.Light all hands by an ultraviolet lamp for better fixation. 

Step 4:Install the ear hooks

Install the ear hooks_dearlivesInstall the ear hooks_dearlives
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 1. Bore a hole. Make a hole on each hand with a small electric drill. You can’t be too careful in this step for hands’ small thickness.

 2. Install the ear hooks. Any small tools are available to install them here. After hooks installed, remember to decor them more or the hook part will be too monotonous. I put something like bowknots.

Step 5:Show time

Show time_dearlivesShow time_dearlives
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It’ll be much appreciated if get your vote. Thanks a lot. 


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Susana Romero Good for decoration at Halloween.
catherine luzzi So shining and special !:heart_eyes:

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