Shrink Plastic Earrings and Necklaces

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Here's a fun project for you to try!  These cute earrings and necklaces have been made from shrink plastic and once you see how easy they are, you'll want to make a bunch for your friends and family!

Step 1:

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List of things you'll need:

Colored pencils

shrink plastic



hole punch

plain necklace/bracelet

Hot air gun

mixed epoxy resin


1. Find suitable images to copy and then draw out your images on shrink plastic in colored pencil.  

2. Cut out the image and use a punch to create a hole at the top of the charm 

3. Use a hot air gun to shrink these charms 

4. To ensure that the color and more shinning doesn’t wear off of the charms, I coated them with a thick layer of high definition glass epoxy glaze. 

5. Earrings: Spread a thin coat of adhesive onto the stud. Stick the earrings on top 

6.Necklaces: Open the ring sideways with some pliers, to create a gap large enough to insert the charm. Once in place close the ring with the pliers. Attach to the necklace rope, and you’re done!


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