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Wanting to do something a little different, and using materials I had on hand, I present you with Reverse Indigo Dye.

Step 1: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

  Gather ye rosebuds while ye may._dearlives  Gather ye rosebuds while ye may._dearlives
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Or, you know, get your supplies together. For this project, I used extra pieces on navy blue Aida (cross stitch fabric), bleach, water, and various spray bottles I had around the house.  You could use any dark colored natural fabric to achieve similar results.

Step 2: To wet or not to wet...That is the question.

  To wet or not to wet...That is the question._dearlives
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If you want to wet your fabric, do it now.  Wetting the fabric takes longer for the results to show, while dry fabric gives almost immediate results

Step 3: It puts the bleach in the bottle.

  It puts the bleach in the bottle._dearlives
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Yep.  Easy as that.  Put the bleach in the spray bottle.  I started off with 100% bleach, and diluted as I went, which you will see in the following steps.

Step 4: I can’t believe it’s not water. Spray.

  I can’t believe it’s not water.  Spray._dearlives
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Remember the old “I can’t Believe it’s not Butter” commercials with Fabio?  Yeah.  Read the title in that voice.  Any way, spray the fabric with the bleach. Do this outside because bleach is smelly and can cause problems if you inhale too much.  This is 100 % bleach, both spray bottles, and one wet and one dry piece of fabric.

Step 5: If at first you don’t succeed...

  If at first you don’t succeed..._dearlives
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Well, I like the first ones, but if you don’t, play around!    The one on the left in this picture is 50% bleach to water, in a tiny spray bottle that came with my mushroom farm.  The one on the right is 25% bleach to water, in a bigger spray bottle that I found in the house.  It says Misty on it.  Shout out to all the MIsty’s out there.

Step 6: Hang me out to dry.

  Hang me out to dry._dearlives
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Let your fabric dry.  It’s a nice sunny day here, so I just left it out on the patio table.   After several hours (you know, 8 or so) I rinsed in cool water, rolled in a towel to remove excess water, and hung to dry again.  No bleach transfer onto the towel, and the pieces look great!)

Step 7: Ta-Da!

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From left to right...100% bleach, wet fabric, both sprayers; 100% bleach, dry fabric, both sprayers; 50% bleach, dry fabric, small sprayer; 25% bleach, dry fabric, larger spray bottle.  My favorites are the second and fourth from the left.  

Step 8: Lights, camera, STITCH!

  Lights, camera, STITCH!_dearlives
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Ready to be graced with the perfect space related quote!


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