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It’s really a big surprise when I received dearlives’ free materials kit. Actually, I doubted that you guys are cheaters and I believe many others too. Whatever, it brought me a shinny day. Thanks.

It’s my 3rd try for resin DIY, first time failed, second time forgot to remove the bubbles, and this time, total a succeed. My steps are in the following. Hope you’ll enjoy and vote if you like. Deeply appreciated.

Total 3 kinds of resin crafts I made from moulds included in kits. First is decorated by color; second one is decorated with flowers; last kind is bracelet. One problem is resin glue is shortage. Fortunately, there’s some left at home.

Step 1:Please watch the video

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Step 2:Prepare

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Dearlives provide the basic materials required, but some more needed such as flowers, leaves, ropes, other color concentrate.

Step 3:Measure and mix A/B resin

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Prepare resin for whole process. I mixed then via volume (A:B=2.5:1). If you wanna mix them via weight, make sure it’s A:B=3;1. Use wood stick to mix it slowly in case there’ll appear more bubbles. Then let stand for a while waiting for most bubbles disappear. This step is necessary because bubbles will affect final crafts’ beauty badly.

Meanwhile, I cut the resin mold into several small parts to make things work easier.

Step 4:Filling the mold (layered resin work)

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1st layer:

Prepare the resin of different colors. Mix color concentrate with resin such as green, red and black I used in whole process. Let’s fill the first layer after preparation work done. Here I use the needle cylinder but remember to remove the needle since it’s too small hole. Drain the liquid into the mould with it. Here you need fill it smoothly with the wood stirring. At last, remember to remove the bubbles with the needle. This’ s the second chance for removing.

2nd layer:

Prepare the resin with shinny powder by mixing them. Again, I used the light green (looks like yellow in video) powder. Next, fill it into every mould for second layer. This color make all crafts brighter at last. Same step here, leave them there for a while to reduce bubbles and dry.

3rd layer:

The third layer is the last surface cover. Simply fill them with clear resin, then let stand for a while too.

Above steps are all about resin crafts with color decoration only. I’ll introduce flower resin work below.

Step 5:Flower resin work

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First layer is clear resin. Difference is second one, I put into flowers instead of color concentrate. Same note, remember to remove bubbles before drying. Third layer is same clear resin as surface cover. I made last adjust for flowers here. Again, wait till dry.

Step 6:Bracelet resin work

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Fill the bracelet mould with resin glue. Don’t pour but filled with needle cylinder (or burette)  glue will spill everywhere. We need to do next is fill the color concentrate with same way. Adjusting the color with needle as natural as possible.

Step 7:Demold

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So excited that I’ll see all made-up-articles soon. Remove them one by one.

Step 8:Polish the works

Polish the works_dearlivesPolish the works_dearlives
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Polish them first with coarse tools, then subtle one later. I like my grinding block so much because it has 4 sides with steps one by one.

Step 9:Show time!!

Show time!!_dearlivesShow time!!_dearlives
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So many cute works right? I bored a hole on every piece and strung  them together.

Finally, we see the lovely wind chime! 


Thanks for reading and hope you’re enjoying. Please vote for me if you like. God bless you.

Please contact me if u like, I’ll send this item as a gift to one of the voter who lives nearest to me. I’m in Gardnerville, Nevada.


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Stacy Milks What tool do you use to bore a hole in them? I'm completely new to the resin and learning. ???? Your wind chime is SUPER CUTE! ❤️
Roya Arshadnia @Kate Brown : There's now. New contest. I applied for it. Hurry!
Mamie Lew I love them,  so cute.
James Bond Can i buy this wind chime?:grin:
Trista Baker Great idea to make them into a wind chime. :laughing:
Trista Baker What software do you use to edit video? 
Kate Brown Wow, you got the free kit?  I saw the ads, but when I came across this site, there are no free kits left. You really did a great job. 

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