Resin ring with snow mountain and flower

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I made many resin rings before, but love this kind most. Some preparation steps are ignored because everyone knows how to such as the wood mold. 

Step 1:Dried flowers preparation

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Choosing several cute flowers, fix them onto the wood with resin glue. Fixing the shapes with hot glue. 

Step 2:Making snow mountain

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Adding cream white color concentrate into the mixed resin ( 3:1 mixed ), thus you can see the mysterious snow mountain.

Pouring it into the fixed mold, then add top layer resin. It’ll take about 24-48 hours to solidify. 

Step 3:Polishing

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Cut the ring share you want and polish it so it looks clear and smooth.

Finally, it appears. There’re also many other decorations that available such as leaf, small balls, color. Steps are the same. 


  • resin glue
  • wood
  • dried flowers
  • tweezers
  • scale
  • toothpick
  • measure cup
  • spoon
  • color concentrate
  • hot glue
  • polishing tools


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