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Hello! Today we will be going through the steps to create a resin mold and making replicas of your favorite toys, trinkets, or anything you can imagine. Happy Crafting!

What we need:

1. Art 'N Glow Resin

2. Oomoo silicone rubber

3. Plastic disposable container

4. Figurine, toy, etc.

5. Add ins (EX: pigment, beads, dried/fake flowers, etc.)

6. Plastic cups and wooded popsicle sticks

Step 1:Making the Mold

Making the Mold_dearlivesMaking the Mold_dearlivesMaking the Mold_dearlives
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The most important thing is to plan out what you want to do first. I chose to replicate this bear I modeled with clay. Feel free to use anything else! Once you have a plan, get a disposable container you're willing to cut (sour cream container/cheap tupperware) that will cover your object completely with about 1 inch between the object and the container on all sides. Glue your object to the bottom. 

Mix parts A and B of the Oomoo silicone rubber compound in a plastic cup (1A: 1B ratio), and pour into the container, covering your object completely. Try to get it about 1 inch above your object. The silicone should take 6 hours to cure and after the 6 hours, carefully take your object out of the mold. You may have to cut the mold to get it out, but try to cut it in a wave pattern (pictured above). 

Step 2:Securing the Mold

Securing the Mold_dearlives
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Now that you have your mold, you may need to secure it if you had to cut it. I used duct tape. Try to get it as tight as possible without squishing the mold.

Step 3:Preparing the Copy

Preparing the Copy_dearlivesPreparing the Copy_dearlives
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Next you need to think of what you want your copy to look like. I decided to use Pearl Ex Pearl White pigment and a holographic plastic bag that I had saved and cut up. 

Step 4:Making the Copy

Making the Copy_dearlivesMaking the Copy_dearlivesMaking the Copy_dearlivesMaking the Copy_dearlivesMaking the Copy_dearlivesMaking the Copy_dearlives
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With Art 'N Glow you mix equal parts resin and hardener and stir for 3 to 5 minutes. Add the pigment and other add ins you've decided on and mix those in as well. After it is mixed, pour it into the mold. You can pour little bits at a time and then tap the mold to try and get any bubbles out.

Step 5:Finish

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Wait 24 hours for the resin to cure. Then demold and enjoy!


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Tori Cunningham @mike Bishop :Thank you!
Tori Cunningham @mike Bishop :Thank you!
mike Bishop Such a cute bear! 
Tori Cunningham @Sally Crutcher :Thank you so much!
Tori Cunningham @Raysa Colon :I agree that I could have used less pigment. It would have been way cooler if it had been more clear.
Raysa Colon It's better if the bear is clearer. 
Sally Crutcher So cute! Voted. 

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