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My sister and her husband like to sit on their front porch quite a bit.  She mentioned needing a table to put between their chairs.  I decided to create a fun and functional table for them.

Step 1:Finding a table

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I found this table at a secondhand store.  I decided to paint it white to give it a nice clean look.

Step 2:Prepare the table

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If the table you have chosen doesn't have an edge around it to hold in the resin you will have to add one.  I used thin trim that I purchased at a home improvement store.  You will need to attach the trim with small finishing nails or a strong glue.

Step 3:Add your design

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Once the top is ready you can choose the design you would like to add.  I chose to use all pennies for my entire design.  I used a small amount of paint on certain pennies to make them stand out for the design.  I made sure the paint was thin enough that it did not hide the details on the coins. I placed all of the pennies on the top exactly where I wanted them and then I used hot glue to attach them.  It only takes a small amount of hot glue to hold them in place.  The resin will secure them completely.

Step 4:Time for resin

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Once the design is completed you are ready to add your resin.  Be sure to have all of your tools gathered before you mix the resin because it dries quickly.  Also be sure that you have a clean dust free area for it to dry.  Use a hair dryer on the low setting after pouring the resin to get rid of any air bubbles. Be sure to mix enough resin to cover your entire area. Using resin can seem intimidating at first but don't let it hold you back.  You can create some pretty amazing projects using it.  Most of all have fun!!


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