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I saw your contest 2 weeks ago and I need a new coffee machine in my workshop! Don’t ask why not the camera. Hahaha, because coffee is necessity for me!

I decided to make this grapes when I saw a plastic one on a bookshop. It’s just so natural and beautiful. I just fall in love and think maybe I can make one by resin.

We need these materials mainly:

Crystal rocks, lapis lazuli ( all rounded small rocks available)

Toner (all red, yellow, orange, purple, green, all you have, it’s beautiful when they’re mixed)

UV resin or epoxy resin (I made both but epoxy resin takes longer time so I haven’t taken video)

Copper wine

Paper cups (measure cups, bottle caps, all kinds available)


Nail polish

Painting tools



If I miss any, you can check from my video. 

Step 1:Pick up rocks

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Here we need to pick up those rounded rocks so they look like the grape share. 

Step 2:Make grapes

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We need to make some grape colors by mixing the uv resin with the toner. I tried 3 times to adjust the colors. Remember to scrape the toner (pearl powder also available but I don’t have enough colors at hand when I make) particles a little thick and don’t mix the resin too evenly because some will look like transparent and some are textured.

When colors are done, we need to fix every piece grape with copper wire. Coloring on them. Don’t worried about the colors. I tried 3 times, but they differ every time. Good news is all beautiful.

Be careful with the sharp part of rocks. I’m cut by one.

Basking them in the sunshine till resin dried. 

Step 3:Beautify

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Dip the nail polish and resin onto the gooseberry's bottom with a coarse-grained gold powder sequined so they look glossy.

(I made grapes and gooseberry together, so video includes both.)

Step 4:Make leaves

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Drawing some leaves on paper, cut them off.

Make leaf pattern with a knife so color can sink in easily. (Shape as you like, but be natural)

Coloring on leaves (same way with coloring grapes), fix them with UV resin so they look vivid. 

Step 5:Assemble

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Assemble fruits, leaves by copper wires. I also make some eardrops.

I’ll try to make other fruits and decorations and share you tutorials when I have time.

Thanks for reading and please vote for me if you like.



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