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Because of the fascination with plants, I tried many plant-related handworks beyond my office work. In order to share the joy of hand-made with everyone, here I am sharing a graphic tutorial with you. Welcome commenting.

Step 1: Prepare all the materials

 Prepare all the materials_dearlives
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UV Resin

 Jewelry Copper Wire



UV Lamp

Wax Rope

Extension Chain

 Ear Hook

Unloading Towel

Dry Flower

Gem Patch

Try to choose flat and thin pressed flowers as you can. I like to press flowers by myself. Pick them form parks and press them between book pages, then waiting for about one week. In this way, the flower will remain its natural color.

Step 2:Place the flowers

Place the flowers_dearlivesPlace the flowers_dearlives
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Use small tweezers to place the flowers on the patch. The smaller the flower, the more beautiful scene it will be. Remember try to pick the dry flowers at this step. Coz we need to add UV resin to this in next step. If it is not dry enough, You will get air bubbles in this pendant.

Step 3:Add the UV resin

Add the UV resin_dearlivesAdd the UV resin_dearlives
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Be careful when dropping UV glue, because the buoyancy of the glue will cause the tiny flowers to shift. Sometimes whether it will look well all depends on your luck.

Cover another patch, you should be very careful with this step. And press hard to squeeze out the bubbles in it. When pressed hard, irradiated it with ultraviolet light. If there is no ultraviolet light, the UV glue will not dry so easily. It will dry slowly even exposed to the sun. After the two patches are stuck together, you can release your hands. Sometimes the drops of glue will stick to your hands. Be careful with it. You can use polish remover pad to get rid of it.

Step 4:Now you get it

Now you get it_dearlivesNow you get it_dearlives
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Cut a small copper wire with pliers, bend a small U shape at one end, then wrap the copper wire along the edge, and then cut off the excess copper wire. You can also buy a finished line and make a small addition to the extension chain.

You must also collect a lot of beautiful flowers and leaves, and follow this DIY tutorial to create a unique jewelry for your friends.


  • UV Resin
  • Jewelry Copper Wire
  • Tweezers
  • Pliers
  • UV Lamp
  • Wax Rope
  • Extension Chain
  • Ear Hook
  • Unloading Towel
  • Dry Flower
  • Gem Patch


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Sam Polo Beautiful flower. 
Sam Polo Beautiful flower. 
Sam Polo Beautiful flower. 

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