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Have a bunch of pine trees in your yard?  Your in luck, you can collect those pine cones to make a beautiful wreath like I have here or many other projects.  Most people also have cardboard lying around or let from packages.  Don't throw it out, it can be very useful.  Here I will show you how I used both of these materials to make this wreath.

Step 1:Gather Supplies

Gather Supplies_dearlives
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Cardboard cut into a wreath shape


Pine Cones

Scrap Fabric Squares of your choice

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Step 2:Layout pine cones

Layout pine cones_dearlivesLayout pine cones_dearlives
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Sort and layout the pine cones the way you like.  If the cardboard is too big, go ahead and cut it at this point.

Step 3:Glue the pine cones

Glue the pine cones_dearlives
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Glue the outside row of pine cones so that they are over the edge of the cardboard just a bit.

Step 4:Add the fabric squares

Add the fabric squares_dearlives
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After the first row is finished, glue fabric in between each pine cone. I cut the fabric into squares and fold them in half several times until it is almost a cone shape.

Step 5:Add the 2nd row

Add the 2nd row_dearlives
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Glue the 2nd row of pine cones.  I go ahead and add the fabric squares in between them as I go on this row because it is easier since it is on the inside.

Step 6:Fill in the spaces

Fill in the spaces_dearlives
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After all of the pine cones are on you can add a row of fabric squares in the center between the 2 rows to fill in the space and hide the cardboard.

Step 7:Add some color

Add some color_dearlives
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Once the wreath is complete you can add whatever you like.  I added flowers to add some color.  You can also add a bow or maybe a wooden initial would look nice.  You also have the choice of changing the center out when seasons change and holidays come around.  I hope you enjoy making this wreath and enjoy having it hanging on your door.  They also make nice gifts!


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Wanda Newsome Beautiful!I quite like it.
Wanda Townsend It's so amazing !
miguel jimenez I must pick up the pinecones from my garden :sweat_smile: 
Robin Sullivan @Sandra Cook ::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Never mind. I want a try, too. Maybe we'll become competitors soon when I have a good idea. 
Sandra Cook @Robin Sullivan :thank you. I have shared it and asked for votes.  Hopefully more will start coming in.
Sandra Cook @Avril Ivan :????thanks
Sandra Cook @Yolanda lira :thank you
Yolanda lira Beautiful! I vote for you!
Avril Ivan This DIY project looks like a delicious cake. :heart_eyes:I like it.
shantel griffin :sweat_smile: I thought it was a cake on the first sight 
Robin Sullivan I love yours best but why your voters least? Why not ask your friends & families to vote for you :bowtie: By the way, you really got their tools? I saw the glue gun before. 

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