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In the process of doing this project, may I said that it was so fun. Especially, once you finished and watched the stuff you shrunk.

Without further ado, here we go.

Items you’ll need:

Shrink film

jump hoops

Hot air gun


Step 1:Cut the shape you want from the shrink film

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Cut some petals and leaves from shrink film.

Step 2:Color them

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You should color them step by step.

Firstly, use the yellow and green pastels to color the top part of the petals. Then color the central part with the pink one to create the color gradient.

The leaves are in the same way but using the green pastel to color them.

Step 3:Shrink petals and leaves

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Please fix the leaves on the soft foam with a pin to be convenient for you to shrink them.

Shrink them until they are flat. After shrinking the petals, please use your hands to shape them until they can gather together and look like the physalis.

Step 4:Assemble

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After shrinking all of them, now you can fix them on the chain.

Prepare some head pins and some jump hoops before starting to fix petals and leaves on the chain.

In this step, use a head pin to make a hoop firstly, and then fix the hairpin and the chain together. Now, take your jump hoops and slip them through the holes of physalis and the leaves connecting the pieces until all wanted pieces are joined. Of course, the order of the leaves and the flowers can be changed if you want.

If you have knowledge about this tutorial, please have a try and share your recreations with me. And if you have any questions about these steps, please send messages to me or comment this tutorial, I will answer you as long as I see.


  • Shrink film
  • jump hoops
  • Hot air gun
  • Chain
  • Head pins


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