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Find some package box.

I arrange 4 paper boxes with similar size so it’s better to make. 

Step 1:Cut out a trapezoid shape

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First, I need to measure and draw out the shape we want. I make 2 trapezoid shape boxes and 2 cuboid ones (with open mouth). 

Step 2:Cover boxes with colorful papers

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There’re different logos for different boxes so I cover them with colorful papers I like so they looks unification and beautiful.


Step 3:Fix all boxes together

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Fix them by hot glue to any combination you want then make a base to hold them together so it stands stable. 

Step 4:Decoration

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I decorate it by drawing cute faces and put on the lovely bowknots with hot glue. 

Here, the cute pen holder appears.


It’s simple but practical for home. Please vote me. Many thanks. 


  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Ornament


Sorry, liked already!


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Wanda Newsome Unbelievable! Paper can be used to make a pen holder !
Wanda Townsend Colorful! Materials are easy to find .
Roya Arshadnia CUTE! I like.
maryann streiter Great!
michelle garcia Thank u so much for sharing this tutorial. I support U.
shelly Finney Welcome to the contest! What a cute way to decorate an office or study desk! Great job! You got my vote!

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