Night Sky Design Resin Balls

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Note: This tutorial takes about 5-6 days, at the rate of one layer per day.  All kinds shapes follow the same way. 

Step 1:

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Prepare a whole resin kit. 

Step 2:

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Mix epoxy glue by A:B (3:1), eliminate the bubbles, then pull it into 3 molds to about 1/3 to 1/4 of total molds height. Make sure no bubbles after curing. (First layer)

Step 3:

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After curing, choosing a color of pearl powder you like.

Make sure you choose a light color for this layer or there’s a clear separation from the first transparent layer. Stir with glue.

Step 4:

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After half drying, dip the brush into a bit of transparent shimmering powder and sprinkle evenly on the glue surface. Make sure there        are no large bubbles and cover with a lid then place them in a safe place for curing. (Second layer)

Step 5:

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Mix pearl powder, transparent shimmering powder and silvery powder with epoxy glue.

Make sure the color of this layer is deeper than second one. 

Step 6:

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Put the shimmering powder:

Check whether the powder is suitable for putting powder or not by hooking with a toothpick.

The approximate state is the epoxy surface can return to mirror state in about 2 seconds.

Then dip the silver powder with this toothpick.

Poke the powder onto glue to ring shape, making sure the ends are thin and the middle is thick. 

Last, pull the transparent shimmering powder when semi-solidified. (third layer)

Step 7:

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Coloring layer:

Mix epoxy glue (deeper color than 3rd layer).

Dipping some different colored powder with a napkin and blooming them on to glue.

Then pull the glue after done. 

Step 8:

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Sprinkle many flashy on to the semi-solidified. Then pull the seal glue. (fourth layer)

Step 9:

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Last layer: apply the deepest layer glue then pull into until a little bump.

All steps need to observe from time to time to make sure no bubble.

Step 10:

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Wait for curing and polish. Pictures above are all 3 I made. 


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