My dream house made by ice sticks

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I saw many DIY tutorials on Youtube about amazing houses. I’m unable to make a house as complicated as those ones but I have mine too now, though not luxurious. It’s a house in my dream, cute & warm.


Let’s do it! 

Step 1:First, main materials

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Abandoned ice sticks in different lengths: I gathered from kids this summer. The sticks need to wash and dry first or will be unsanitary.

Toothpicks, hot glue, scissors

Step 2:Second, build house frame

Second, build house frame _dearlivesSecond, build house frame _dearlivesSecond, build house frame _dearlivesSecond, build house frame _dearlivesSecond, build house frame _dearlives
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I build them from bottom to top: base, walls, roof, door, window...

All parts are built in the simple same way: gather sticks together by hot glue.

Here’s a tip: walls need to build bottom half first then rest after roof completed or size will be unavailable.

Step 3:Third, beautify

Third, beautify_dearlivesThird, beautify_dearlives
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Color the roof, door and window with different colors crayons as you like.


It’s not a practical thing but can be excellent decor on the desk. I fix some fake flowers with hot glue so it looks more beautiful. You can do it too! 


  • Abandoned ice sticks
  • Toothpicks
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • crayon


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