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You can hang this Bling-bling Christmas Bell Wreath in your car, on the door of your pet or anywhere you like. It’s very simple,you can make it with excess jewelry accessories.

Okay, Let’s begin, You should prepare some jewelry beads and Fine wires before the start, and of course you will also need small pliers, tweezers, UV glue, and UV lamp.

Step 1:

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Firstly, screw the wire into a circle,be careful with your fingers, the wire may scratch you.The last wire should be twisted into a wave so the beads can be  easier to paste.

Step 2:

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Secondly, Paste the beads and leaves on the wreath with UV glue and dry up with the UV lamp. You can even sprinkle some glitter or noctilucent powder on your wreath and then apply a layer of UV glue to make it more shining.

Step 3:

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Lastly,Tie the small bell in the middle and cross the top with a red ribbon,Bingo~


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Wanda Newsome I want to have a try. Thank you so much.
Wanda Townsend So beautiful!

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