Luxury Backyard Remodeling Ideas for an Ultimate Indulgence

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The world in which we live is becoming more hasty and relentless with each passing day. If we ever want to summon the strength to keep up with it, we need to be a bit counterintuitive, take occasional breaks and give way to our small pleasures. People often like to do that by taking weekend escapes to some luxury retreats.

We are going to take you a step further and bring luxury into your backyard. Here are the top five remodeling ideas for the ultimate backyard self-indulgence.

Set up a covered deck

Covered decks can be considered backyard remodeling 101, so don’t take them as the final solution, but more as a springboard for other leisure ideas that can cross your mind. And the possibilities are truly endless. Set up a nice seating area to spend some quality time with your friends and family, install an outdoor bar and turn your backyard into a tropical clubhouse, or make room for a projector and pull-down screen and build yourself an outdoor cinema... This essential social hub allows you to bring to life all of the mentioned ideas and much more.

Build an outdoor fireplace

There are very few things that feel as cozy as spending long fresh nights listening to the soothing crackling of the fire. So, make yourself an outdoor fireplace. If you want to create a more homey and rustic atmosphere, bricks and stone should be your materials of choice. If, on the other hand, you want to pursue a more modern and streamlined look, you should aim for a combination of some of the contemporary fireboxes and industrial-looking materials such as metal and concrete. Either way, make sure to leave some room for a grill and smoker so you can use this whole setup for barbecuing as well.

Move in an outdoor spa

Honestly, we were tempted to include an outdoor pool on this list. But, there is one thing that is even more cozy and indulgent than this common backyard staple. Yes, we are talking about scaling up to a  luxury spa. Today, outdoor spas offer all the same benefits as pools, and some of the units that are currently sold on the market are even large enough of swimming. But, with their pain-relieving and anti-aging properties, they go miles beyond the simple purpose of providing you with a place to cool off in the long summer days.

Upgrade the seating units

Since you plan on spending more than a couple of hours in your backyard, make sure your seating units are as pleasant as possible. As for the covered areas, we recommend swing sofas which are a perfect blend between benches and hammocks. They are also incredibly visually intriguing. As for the open areas, you should aim for comfortable pieces that are more resistant to elements – wicker chairs or sofas if you pursue a rustic look, or ergonomic lounge chairs if you prefer something more modern-looking.

Create an extensive water garden

Although they are a textbook example of opposites, fire and water have at least one thing in common – the sound they create is incredibly soothing. Also, they do an excellent job counterbalancing each other. So, if you are planning to build an outdoor fireplace, set the universe back in balance by creating a lush water garden. If you want to go all-in, we recommend creating at least two levels. The great thing about this setup is that it doesn’t have to be purely decorative – you can use it to provide a habitat for fish and other wildlife as well.

We hope these few suggestions will push your remodeling efforts in the right direction or even help you come up with a couple of ideas of your own. The most important thing is to make a decision to finally do something for yourself and turn your backyard into the luxury retreat you know you deserve. The opportunities for spending quality free time are becoming few and far between. Let us, at least, make sure that these moments are as memorable as possible.


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