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Recently I eat much fast food and leave many plastic spoons at home. Today, I suddenly have a novel idea, which uses these plastic spoons to make lotus. By using this method, I believe you can make a lot of beautiful flowers with different patterns. Let’s do it!

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Step 1:Materials needed

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Hot glue gun

Plastic spoons


Colorful paper

Step 2:Making the petals

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Remove the plastic spoon handle with the scissors. Stick the plastic petals with hot glue gun  from inside to outside step by step.( Tips: The hot glue is so hot.)

Step 3:Making the stamen

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Cut the colorful paper with scissors and them roll it. Fix the stamen in the middle of the lotus.

Done! You can make wreath, wall decor and many more these flowers. Make some right away... you never know, you might come up with another pretty pattern :)



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Wanda Newsome It's so nice.
Wanda Townsend Beautiful !I like it very much!
Roya Arshadnia This is awesome.
maryann streiter It looks great!
michelle garcia COOL:kissing_closed_eyes:
marlene vichroski Beautiul! I love love love...

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