Instant Brightness: 7 Tips for Decorating Dark Rooms

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Not only do dark rooms seem gloomy and cramped, but their beautiful features can’t really come into focus. Furthermore, spending too much time in a dark space can make you feel anxious and stressed. However, just a few simple changes and tricks can help you shed some light on the beauty of your home.

Step 1:Use mirrors for added brightness

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Although simple accessories, mirrors can help you brighten up your home in a heartbeat. Placing them around your home will help you open up your space and make it seem bigger. Since mirrors reflect light and visually expand a room, they will truly make a difference in dark areas. You can place them on your walls, hang them on closet doors or let them stand as independent pieces. Going with mirrored furniture can also have an amazing effect in a dark room.

Step 2:Let natural light in

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Natural light has a truly flattering glow, creating a positive and open atmosphere in a space. You should find different ways to maximise sunlight in your home. For instance, you can leave your windows bare or cover them with light, gauzy curtains. Trimming the trees and bushes in front of your windows is another simple, yet effective solution. If a room feels particularly gloomy, you can install skylights or solar tubes and fill it with a natural glow.

Step 3:Go with light and bright fixtures

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Lighting fixtures will not only illuminate your home, but they will also elevate your home décor and give a touch of glamour to your space. However, when choosing fixtures, you should opt for light solutions that won’t create an overbearing look. For instance, you should go with light lampshades made of subtle materials, such as linen. They will let light permeate your space, making it seem brighter and more open. As for overhead fixtures, you should go with a simple, subtle design that will create a visually light effect.

Step 4:Install layered lighting

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The key to properly illuminating your dark space is installing a layered lighting scheme. A single source of light isn’t enough to make your dark rooms brighter. Instead, you should combine overhead fixtures with desk and floor lamps, wall sconces, etc. However, since this might require you to install additional electrical outputs or deal with electrical issues, such as corroded wiring and overloaded power points, you should call a highly trained emergency electrician who can suggest appropriate solutions and deal with any possible problems. Not only will this guarantee your safety, but you’ll also have the best possible lighting scheme for your dark space.

Step 5:Open up your space with colours

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A bright and light colour palette can do wonders in dark rooms. Soft, light neutrals, such as dove grey, soft beige, light taupe and warm white, can truly transform a dark space, filling it with open, airy atmosphere. When painting your interior, you can create an illusion of spaciousness and openness by painting your ceilings brighter than your walls. For instance, a bright white shade is the perfect option that will create a beautiful contrast against dark floors. Finally, you should go with a subtle, glossy paint finish that will brighten up your rooms by reflecting light.

Step 6:Switch to LEDs

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Switching to LED lights is one of the simplest ways to make your home eco-friendly. Yet, this isn’t the sole benefit of LEDs. Owing to their clear, bright glow, they can actually illuminate your space and make it seem more open and airy. They emit a glow that is quite similar to natural light, creating a breezy effect.

Step 7:Welcome plants

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Lush houseplants are a natural and stylish way to make your dark rooms more pleasant and enjoyable. By purifying your indoor air and adding an energising splash of green, they will truly open up your space and create an airy vibe. For an even better effect, you should place them in pots featuring metallic finishes, which will additionally reflect light throughout your home.

Your dark rooms will truly shine once you implement these simple and stylish solutions. Not only will your home seem brighter and airier, but it will also gain completely new appeal.


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