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Step 1:To make your ice candles, you will need:

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Ice cubes


Adhesive tape

Cardboard container

Snowflake candle wax

Soy wax

Step 2:Make the cardboard container

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Before sticking the drawing, please draw it according to the pattern which was printed. Finished the above step, try to stick the design drawing on a piece of thick paper. Now, you need to cut off the drawing along the outside line. About the inside line, you can use the knife to cut it slightly to offer the convenience for the next step. Fold it to inside and use the adhesive tape to fix it.

Step 3:Melt the snowflake candle wax

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Melt the snowflake candle until it becomes liquid. After that, add the candle dye into the wax. You can stir it while adding. Now, you need to re-heat the wax about 90 ℃.

Step 4:Pour the wax into the cardboard container

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Pour the wax into the cardboard container. Don’t forget to insert and fix the wick in the middle. Now, place it solidifying for about 10mins. 10mins later, now you should cover the soy wax on it. Please wait for 20mins.

Pending the wax solidifying, you can make the other ice candle.


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Take a plastic bottle. Please bent the wick firstly, and then fix it with two sticks. To fix the wick better, add the crushed Ice in the bottom of the bottle and then add the ice cubes. Now, you can pour the wax into it. Place it for about 20mins.

Step 6:Take off the mould

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When the time is over, take off the mould.

Now, it is your show time. Show your handmade candle.


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Raysa Colon Great work! I have made one. It looks beautiful and useful. I will try again.

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