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Hi, guys! Here is my DIY project of trash to treasure. Some preparations ignored because everyone knows how to do it. Hope everyone supports me and vote for me. Thank you in advance.

Step 1:Gather the Material

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Some ice cream sticks(If you want to do it without ice cream stick, you can use stirring sticks instead.)

Rubber band

Hot glue and a hot glue gun

Cap of bottle

Hemp cord

A Pen



A toothpick


Step 2:Make the bottom of the trebuchet. (Refer to the drawing in the video.)

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*Cut the ice cream sticks according to the drawing in the video.

*Mark the place you will stick.

*Stick them with hot glue. (Tips: leave a little gap to put toothpick. )

*Clean the gap with a knife.

*Cover the bottom with two complete sticks.

*Mark the gap with pen on the two complete sticks.

Step 3:Make the body of the trebuchet.

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*Cut the ice cream sticks according to the drawing in the video.

*Stick the ice cream sticks that cut on the bottom, which marked before.

*Stick the slope for support.

Step 4:Make the shooting rack and fix the Cap

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*Stick the shooting rack according to the video.

*Use a toothpick to measure the width of the trebuchet’s bottom, and then insert into the gap which left before.

*Fix the shooting rack on the toothpick and then stick the cap on the shooting rack.

*Use a toothpick together with a rubber band to pass through the shooting rack, Fix the ends of the rubber band at the body of the trebuchet.

Step 5:Finished this DIY project

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Now, you can make some round plasticines as stone to shot.



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Wanda Townsend So cute!So funny!
Pat Alianiello This is so pretty!
Yolanda Thompson Great idea! I love this.
maryann streiter so funny

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